Massage…it is an art. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to relieve stress and tension, stimulate tired muscles and increase circulation as well as induces relaxation. 


Swedish Massage

The kneading and long strokes used in Swedish Massage increase circulation, improve skin and muscle tone and soothe tired muscles.

$55.00      Half Hour (specified area ex: back, neck and shoulders)
$75.00      One Hour Full Body Massage
$115.00    One and a Half Hour Full Body Massage
$130.00   Hydrotherapy and One Hour Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

The therapeutic techniques of deep tissue massage not only include the benefits of Swedish massage, but also help to release trigger points, interrupt restrictive muscle patterns and increase range of motion. This massage is most effective for those who do repetitive motion or are physically active.

$65.00     Half Hour (specified area ex: back, neck and shoulders) 
$85.00     One Hour Full Body Massage
$125.00   One and a Half Hour Full Body Massage 
$140.00  Hydrotherapy and One Hour Full Body Massage 

Series of Massage

Purchase five massages and receive the sixth free. Please ask the front desk for details.


Reflexology is a specific type of steady pressure to the feet that produces dynamic relaxation and balance to all facets of the body. Relax and let the stress and tension melt away as you are treated to one of the best methods for bringing health and harmony to your mind, body and soul.

$55.00    Half Hour 
$75.00    One Hour 

15 Minute Stress Break

15-Minute Stress Break Relax while this 15 minute stress reliever recharges your body and mind. Relieves tension headaches, muscle stiffness and fatigue without the removal of clothing or the use of oil. You will be recharged and ready to go in no time.


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage uses gentle Swedish massage techniques on a side lying position to help assist in fluid reduction, muscular stress relief and general wellbeing of mom and baby.


Hot Stone Massage

This is a 70 minute treatment using the warmth and weight of hot river stones. The stones are used as an extension of the massage therapist’s hands, helping to relieve tension and soothe muscle tissue. Massaging with deep penetrating heat and smooth stones, your therapist is able to effectively work your muscles and balance your energy.


Essence Massage

Customize your massage by choosing from a variety of pre-blended essential oils. Adding Aromatherapy to your massage will enhance your mood and relax your mind. Your massage therapist will use this oil during your massage and you can take home the remaining oil.

Additional $5 to any massage.