Soft Pack Floats

The Soft Pack is the ultimate enveloping relaxation experience accompanied by our wonderful body treatments. It creates the sensation of weightlessness while surrounding you with a gentle heat. Enjoy the destressing effect of no pressure points on the body, thus increasing the therapeutic benefits. It is an experience like no other. 

** Seaweed and sea salts are rich in iodine and therefore are not recommended for those sensitive or allergic to iodine.

The Pumpkin Float

The Cucurbita masque consists of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that combine to exfoliate, purify and deeply nourish the skin. We will begin with a relaxing dry brushing to exfoliate followed by the application of the Cucurbita mixture. Its rich pumpkin and spice mixture is layered over the entire body. The masque is followed by an application of body butter to lock in hydration.**


Cleopatras Milk Float

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra treated herself to wonderful milk baths to preserve her beauty, why not you? This intensive and luxurious treatment will begin with a Champagne and Rose body exfoliation. The rich mixture of goats’ milk, creams and oils are applied and you will be cocooned in the soft pack to float away the stress, while leaving the skin soft and supple.**


Herbal Blossom Float

You will be able to choose from three different herbs for this herbal blossom infusion, each with its own therapeutic benefits:

Lavender — antiseptic, purifying, harmonizing and uplifting
Chamomile — anti-inflammatory, calming and relaxing
Rose — purifying, antiseptic, harmonizing and calming

Each of these treatments begins with an exfoliation followed by wrapping the body in sheets soaked in the steeped herbal mixture. The properties of the herbal tea will be absorbed into the body while relaxing in the comfort of the soft pack. You will then receive an application of body butter to lock in hydration, a truly enjoyable experience.**


Moor Mud Float

This wrap detoxifies, revitalizes and refreshes the body. Being naturally anti-inflammatory, this treatment, along with the warmth and relaxation of the Soft Pack is a wonderfully detoxifying and hydrating treatment.


Seaweed Float

A relaxing body treatment utilizing the healing powers of the sea. A blend of seaweeds rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals helps to remineralize and revitalize the skin. Enjoy all of the benefits of our regular seaweed Wrap with the added benefits of the Soft Pack.**


Hydrating Body Exfoliation Float

Choose from any one of our wonderful scents. Your body will be gently exfoliated with your choice of our body scrubs followed by an application of body butter which the Soft Pack will push deep into your skin for maximum hydration.**

$125   Champagne and Rose, Cranberry or Mango

The Ultimate Massage Float

Experience a massage in a whole new way. Start your treatment by enjoying the Soft Pack that will relax and soothe joints and muscles in a pool of warmth. Your float will be followed by your choice of a Swedish or deep tissue massage for the ultimate in relaxation.

$120.00   Soft Pack with One Hour Swedish 
$130.00   Soft Pack with One Hour Deep Tissue