Body Treatments

Our body treatments are inspired and intended for very specific purposes. Enjoy as you relax, detoxify and soften your skin with one of our many body treatments.  From a body exfoliation to a seaweed or Moor mud wrap or a soft pack treatment. We have a variety of body treatments and wraps that help with the tone, texture and elasticity of the skin as well as being super hydrating and relaxing

** Please note, seaweed and sea salts are rich in iodine and therefore are not recommended for those sensitive or allergic to iodine.

Body Exfoliation

Banish rough, calloused skin with our Body Exfoliation. This treatment will leave the skin exfoliated, hydrated, smooth and glowing. Choose from Champagne and Rose, Mango or Cranberry.**


Champagne and Rose Body Wrap

A luxurious body treatment utilizing the powerful antioxidant and exfoliation properties of the grape. This treatment will help with anti-aging, sun damaged and dehydrated skin.**


Seaweed Body Masque

A relaxing body treatment utilizing the healing powers of the sea. A blend of seaweeds harvested from the North Coast of Brittany, France, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals helps to remineralize and revitalize the skin. Seaweed Body Masque**


Mango Body Wrap

The ultimate anti-aging treatment for the body. Relax as your body is exfoliated and enveloped in a warm mango masque followed by an application of Mango Butter Cream.**


Cranberry Body Wrap

This luxurious anti-aging body wrap will leave you feeling refreshed and new. Your body will be exfoliated, then wrapped in a soothing warm masque.**


Moor Mud Body Wrap

This wrap is unique due to the Moor Mud itself. It is harvested from the Neydharting Moor in Austria. This wrap detoxifies, revitalizes and refreshes the body. Being naturally anti-inflammatory and absorbent, the mud helps to combat cellulite. This treatment detoxifies, revitalizes and refreshes the body by helping the skin to regain elasticity and suppleness.



Relax as our 58 water jets and 150 air injectors work seven body zones. Release all body tension in 53 gallons of fresh aromatic water, while experiencing a therapeutic, gentle underwater massage administered by a therapist. The soothing waters are enhanced with Dead Sea salts, both of which are beneficial in nourishing and toning the skin. Hydrotherapy is designed to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system to promote detoxification, aid in cellulite reduction and provide a calming environment.**

$55.00     Hydrotherapy 
$130.00   Hydrotherapy and one hour Swedish massage 
$140.00   Hydrotherapy and one hour Deep Tissue massage