We know that safety and cleanliness is just as important as the products and procedures used in our pedicures, our state of the art pedicure baths allow both. We use only the best products possible for our pedicures our nail polish is considered 7 Free, free of the 7 most common chemicals found in other nail polishes.  Not only do we care about how your manicure looks we care about how it affects your health.  Jessica products are gentle yet wear with great gloss and longevity.

All of our implements are disinfected with hospital grade products.


Coconut Lime Pedicure

A refreshing pedicure inspired by the fruits of the tropics. We begin with an exfoliation of the feet and lower legs, an application of our coconut lime masque followed by a traditional manicure of the feet and toenails. You will then receive a relaxing massage of the lower legs and feet with coconut lime butter cream and finish with a polish of your choice.


Spa Pedicure

Our spa pedicure is the most pampering pedicure we offer. Your feet will be soothed while soaking in the whirlpool bath, the water bubbling with a blend of essential oils and sea salts. This is followed by a sea salt exfoliation and a traditional manicure of the feet and toenails. Your feet will then be wrapped in our special seaweed masque designed to nourish, hydrate and relax your tired lower legs and feet. While the masque is on, you will receive a gentle hand and arm massage. Once the masque is removed you will relax with a wonderful foot and lower leg massage and polishing of the toenails.


Enzyme Pedicure

These unique pedicures utilize an enzyme that is specifically designed to gently remove dead skin cells and callouses, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

$70  Cranberry
$70  Mango

Seasonal Sensation Pedicure

Enjoy a treat for your feet! Our Seasonal Sensation Pedicure will include exfoliation of the lower legs and feet, manicuring of the feet and toes, and application of our special seasonal masque which is extremely soothing and hydrating followed by your choice of polish. While enjoying the masque, relax while your hands and arms are pampered with a wonderful butter cream massage. Ask upon booking for the scent of the season.