We use only the best products possible for our manicures, our nail polish is considered 7 Free, free of the 7 most common chemicals found in other nail polishes.  Not only do we care about how your manicure looks we care about how it affects your health.  Jessica products are gentle yet wear with great gloss and longevity.

All of our implements are disinfected with hospital grade products.

Traditional Manicure

With this manicure you will receive all the benefits of a traditional manicure; nail shaping, a warm soak, cuticle care and a hand and arm massage followed by your choice of polish.



GELeration is a revolutionary polish that goes on like a polish but wears like a gel. Stays on up to 14 days with a mirror-like finish and is instantly dry.

$37   GELeration Manicure 
$42   GELeration French Manicure  
$42   Removal and GELeration Manicure 
$47   Removal and French Manicure 

Spa Manicure

Indulge in the ultimate manicure. We begin with the exfoliation of the lower arms and hands using sea salts from the Dead Sea. We then continue with a traditional manicure followed by a soothing paraffin hand treatment. 


Paraffin Hand Treatment

After sanitizing your hands and an application of lotion you will immerse your hands in a warm lavender-scented paraffin bath. Once your hands are properly coated with wax, we then place them in a protective wrap and into terry mitts. This treatment is highly effective for dry skin or sore hand muscles and is very relaxing.

$15    Paraffin Hand Treatment 
$10    Paraffin Hand Treatment added to a manicure

French Polish

$5 with any manicure or pedicure